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Sisler Lumber

About Us

The name "Sisler" is known throughout the Appalachian Mountains, for quality lumber products. Our company was founded by brothers Glenn and Ray Sisler, when they bought a number of horses and a saw mill. These brothers cornered the market for blocking lumber in the steel mills of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

In the present, Sisler Lumber's resources have grown to include premium-grade hardwoods and veneer logs to furniture-makers and molding manufacturers alike.


Quality lumber is not the only thing that makes Sisler Lumber great. Our team is dedicated to staying environmentally conscious, and using every log to its full potential. Our bark is trimmed, mulched, and sent to landscapers and nurseries for selling, and our scraps are made into quality hardwood chips. Even our sawdust is re-used and recycled to charcoal manufacturers. This is the only home we get, and we do our part to ensure we are as environmentally-friendly as can be.
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